Woman Who Spent $45,000 To Turn Herself Into Barbie Says Men Are Desperate To Marry Her

A 20-year-old woman who spent $45,000 on plastic surgery to make herself look like Barbie admits that men are now desperate to marry her and have basically offered to buy her. Gabriela Jiráčková, a singer and model from Prague, credits the cosmetic procedures with saving her life and admits that she was obsessed with princesses from a young age and would do anything to become one.

1. GABRIELA GOT HER FIRST SURGERY AT 17.While she wore a full face of makeup every day from the time she was only 13, it was at 17 that she used the money she’d saved from singing performances to get a breast enhancement, going from a D-cup to an H-cup. Earlier this year, she got an additional surgery to take her chest up to a J.

2. SHE GETS LOADS OF FILLERS REGULARLY.In addition to regular lip and jawline fillers that she regularly has to refresh, Gabriela also gets regular Botox treatments to ensure no wrinkles pop up on her forehead. It’s a high-maintenance routine for sure, but one she considers to be worth it.

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4. MEN HAVE BECOME OBSESSED WITH HER.Gabriela now has more than 67,000 Instagram followers and while many are complimentary about her appearance, others take their appreciation a step too far. One time, a guy she took a selfie with started a rumor online that they were having an affair, while another occasion saw a coffee shop manager had his family bombard her with messages begging her to marry him. She regularly gets offers from men to “buy” her as their wife, as well.

5. BARBIE HAS ALWAYS INSPIRED GABRIELA.This is because Barbie is beautiful and Gabriela has always believed that being beautiful was the key to success in life, and especially in love. “I have always loved princesses and from an early age, I knew that looking beautiful was important for every successful woman who wants to find a prince,” she said, according to The Sun. “In fairy tales, the prince will never choose an ugly princess.”

6. IT’S NOT JUST BARBIE’S APPEARANCE THAT GABRIELA ADMIRES.“I do not deny that the Barbie doll is a great inspiration to me but it’s more than just about her appearance, I am inspired mainly by what she portrays,” she explained. “She motivates girls all over the world to achieve their dreams.”

7. SHE BELIEVES PLASTIC SURGERY SAVED HER LIFE IN MANY WAYS.Because she experienced “cruel bullying” in school, Gabriela felt suicidal at only 9 years old. However, after finding support with her loved ones and undergoing plastic surgery, she felt stronger and hopes she can help other girls in the same way. “I want to travel the world to motivate and inspire all the girls who dreamed of being princesses that they can be as beautiful as they want to be,” she said. “I want to establish and develop a foundation that will help children suffering from bullying in a very concrete way against a system that currently fails to protect them.”

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