Portable Size Bluetooth Speaker and Battery Pack, the SPEAKER PACK

Improved usability by using combining thing swhich can be frequently carried as belongings. The cradle may be moved and turned around to apply it in various paperwork to deliver sound immediately to the user. It may be setup horizontally and vertically. So that the sound may be focused in a desired direction. With a graphic sign that permits you to alter the cradle little by little, press and circulate the pins on both ends of the cradle to release the cradle. Using a cradle, the sound transmitted from the speaker be adjusted to the preferred angle. You can also remove the cradle to the most and grasp it at the wall. The feature of the battery % and speaker is completed at the same time, and the power of the speaker is shared. Also, Check the battery stage via 4 steps lightings.

Designer: Yoonjaerry

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