Cast Iron Speaker, Not Just a Speaker. It is also Design Object!

Bluetooth speakers, portable speakers, outside speakers, or mini speakers, you name it and the audio industry has give you practically every kind of speaker! However, Oswalds Mill Audio’s (OMA) today’s ‘Ironic’ speaker is probably one of the maximum unconventional and unique audio system I have ever stumble upon! This Steampunk stimulated piece of artwork is an open baffle kind (in which a loudspeaker is hooked up on a flat board or a ‘baffle’), cast from a unique sort of iron referred to as ‘hypo-eutectic iron’. This breed of iron is commonly reserved for high-tech applications inclusive of in a photolithography gadget for the production of silicon chips, wherein resonance and vibration should be reduced to an absolute minimal. This means that the Ironic speaker will now not supply out a resonating noise, and the output can be natural.

Designer: Oswalds Mill Audio (OMA)

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