7-Year-Old Rape Victim Who Begged Doctors Not To Heal Her Dies In ICU

  • Yatziri was brought to the hospital after a neighbor reported the abuse in August.
  • She begged her doctors not to treat her because she didn’t want to return to her abusive home.
  • Her parents were detained on charges of child abuse.
  • The police are on the lookout for the uncle who allegedly raped the victim.

A7-year-old rape victim in Mexico, who begged her doctors not to treat her as she did not want to be sent back to her abusive home, died after spending months in the ICU.

Yatziri, who is known by the name Yaz, was taken to Las Margaritas hospital in Puebla, Mexico after a neighbor witnessed the abuse and reported it to the authorities in August. When she was admitted to the hospital, the doctors found that she had been severely beaten.

The victim underwent treatment for months for her injuries and died of multiorgan failure on Dec 28, reported news outlet FR24 News. She was allegedly abused for years by her father, identified as Rafael, and her mother, Alejandra Viridiana.

The police detained her parents on charges of child abuse. The investigators are on lookout for her paternal uncle who allegedly raped her multiple times.

The doctors identified brutal injuries on her body suggesting abuse, including burn marks on her back and cigarette burns on her arm and hands. The child also had severe internal bleeding and collapsed lungs.

“I want to die, don’t heal me anymore, I don’t want to go back to my parents so they can keep hitting me,” the little girl told the doctors who treated her, reported news outlet Crime Online.

It was reported that Yatziri had severe burns to her buttocks that had destroyed her muscles. She underwent skin grafting surgery in August for restoring them.

The victim had already been treated three times for abuse-related injuries before being reported in August. No actions were reportedly taken against the parents on these previous occasions.

The victim’s three-year-old sister died of bronchial asphyxiation in June, without any investigation into the death, reported local news outlet Yucatan.

The Puebla government has assured that an investigation is underway and that they will take the necessary steps to punish the culprits whose actions led to the untimely death of the victim.

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