12-Year-Old Girl Singlehandedly Fights Off Would-Be Intruder Trying To Break Into Her Home

A 12-year-old girl showed incredible courage and tenacity when she singlehandedly fought off a home intruder. Nyletta Lincoln was listening to music in her Woodland, California home when she heard someone seemingly pounding on the front door. She soon realized it was an attempted break-in and grabbed a baseball bat before heading down from her room to see what was going on. That’s when her survival instinct as well as her desire to protect her home really kicked in.

1. NYLETTA REFUSED TO RUN AND HIDE.While most grown adults would run away from the potential danger of a break-in, let alone kids, that was never an option for Nyletta. “I grabbed my baseball bat and I walked into my living room and saw the lock was busted and he was trying to get in,” she explained to Fox40.

2. THE WOULD-BE INTRUDER ACTUALLY ASKED NYLETTA TO LET HIM IN.Not at all put off by the fact that he’d been caught red-handed, the intruder asked Nyletta to open the door to let him in. As if! What did she do instead? “I yelled ‘No!’ And I kicked the door into his face,” she revealed. How badass is that?

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4. THE MAN WAS ARRESTED SHORTLY AFTER.The police were in the neighborhood and were able to apprehend the intruder, who was also wanted in connection with another robbery in the area. They pulled up just as the chain on the front door of Nyletta’s house was giving way and put the man in cuffs.

5. SHE WAS SCARED BUT WASN’T GOING TO GIVE IN.As Nyletta herself revealed, she wasn’t about to let her fear stop her from ensuring her home was safe. “I was really scared, but I just knew, I knew he couldn’t come into the house. And I knew just to protect my own house. I didn’t want to die. I didn’t want him stealing anything in my house. So I protected it,” she said. She’s certainly an amazing young woman!

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